Agile Technology Partners: Enablement of Digital Business

Agile Technology Partners is a networked partner business that provides you with software solutions and services to become a successful agile digital business.

Services we provide:

Business Consultancy

IT Architecture & Roadmap

Implementation & Change

Considerations to become an Agile Digital Business:

Solutions of Business Partners we resell and Implement:

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    API Management:

    API Security Gateway
    Identity Federation & Single Sign On
    Universal Integration
    Privileged Access Management
    Reporting & Analysis

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    Rapid Application Development:

    (Native) Mobile Apps
    Web Applications
    Enterprise Applications
    User Experience & Interface
    Business Logic and Process Orchestration

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    Elastic Integration Platform:

    Big Data Integration
    IoT Integration


To prevent a scattered IT landscape created by accident with all its impact on security, flexibility and scalability, you need a strategic approach to application development that supports your business initiatives and connects seamlessly but securely to your existing IT on premise and in the cloud.

There are a lot of reasons to rethink your approach to developing applications, security and integration.
The most important one is that traditional technology to custom develop your solutions can't keep up with the new approaches and rapid growth of natively build for cloud solutions and their impact on business models. The same accounts for COTS software.

You can resist the new world or use the opportunity.

Another reason is that changing your existing IT, your Systems of Record, will take away too much time, resources and money and probably results in just not good enough, just not right, to little to late, SoSo results (Same Old, Same Old).

Think differently.